Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The "Expiration Date" Law

According to a new law passed while people were on vacation, starting with the 2nd of September, the supermarkets are allowed to keep on their shelves products that are about to expire. They also need to offer a discount and properly signal these products. 

The official position about this situation, quoted by (see source at the bottom of the page) is that "this law changes nothing in the "Αγορανομικό Κώδικα" (the code which provides the good practice laws of food commerce). Only the procedure tightens."

For me though, this law doesn't make a lot of sense because ANY product is allowed on the shelves until the day it expires and it's in the sellers best interest to offer discounts so that the product will be sold quicker and not remain on the shelves.

What DOES this law actually mean? I have no idea but lots of people already plunged into the subject accusing the government of "unofficially" legalizing the selling of expired food products.

Now, I don't know if I should attribute this reaction to the innate flair for the dramatic that Greeks have or if I should consider this as an educated guess from people who lived here more than me and understand better how the system works but I am defensively going to read the expiring dates on all the products from now on and not presume anything.