Monday, October 15, 2012

Fatebook the Gyros of Fate

Fatebook the Gyros of Fate
The first time I saw this logo was on a delivery bike that passes by me in a big rush. I didn't have time to reach for my phone and take a picture.

As a person who speaks mainly English these days, my first thought was that the name comes from the English words "fate" and "book" and they were using a "Facebook" look alike logo to help people recognize them easier. Not that this would be in any way legal but who cares, we're in Greece. Then again why would you need a delivery bike if your business involves "fate". It's kinda complicated to deliver a kilo and a half of "fate". (Though with how strong the church is in Greece they must have found a way to buy and sell that also, maybe even internet delivery:D )

Then, I had a sudden wake up call. I'm in Greece! Here things are never what they seam. So, apparently, "fate" (read "f a t e") comes from the Greek "φατε" (read "f a t e") being the Imperative form of the verb eat (φαω). You didn't see that coming, did you? 

Finally, the place is a Gyradico. A local kind of fast food where they serve Gyros. That would give a more logical explanation the delivery bike also:)

If you find yourself in Greece make sure you try a gyros, not necessarily from "Fatebook" who's recipe I haven't tasted yet, but do try it. For a more tasty experience, try gyros from a northern city. People there tend to be more giving with the salads and sauces so the taste is going to be richer. As a second thought you should consider having your cardiologist on speed dial considering how much cholesterol it has. :) Enjoy!

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