Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Panic level loading..Loaded!

Last weekend we went to Veria, a mountain town in the northern part of Greece. And since someone we know rented an apartment and intends to move there, we decided to go see the place.
In Greece, when you rent an apartment, you get it all empty, without furniture, sometimes even without bulbs. So, it wasn't much to see except a previous tenant which died of totally unnatural causes, a scorpion. 

Where I come from, we don't have scorpions. And I could have sworn there aren't any here either since in two years that I've been living here I haven't seen any....until now.
Have you ever seen a cat getting scared?

See the jumping cat? That was me! Panicking!
I started asking around and apparently there are scorpions in Greece, lots of them, but they are normally in the rural area. The apartment that we visited was in the center of the town which makes it kinda odd. 

The good news is, as far as I read, that even though they are all all venomous  none of them are deadly, just very painful. 

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