Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Post Office Adventure

It's not that I didn't have what to write, since life here is an adventure on its own but lately I haven't found the time. Today i got a bit of free time from my new "job" that I'll tell you about some other time so i figured to write to you about my post office adventure since it's still fresh in my mind.

I don't know why but something always happens...maybe i just attract trouble:))

The previous time when i had to send a package, I took the baby in baby wrap and went to the post office. Lots of people there waiting, some more agitated then other, anyway, bottom line, i didn't want to ask permission to get in front so I waited for about 40 minutes. 

When i got almost in front, there was another person between me and the clerk, the clerk sees me and asks me to come forward, in front of the one person left. After 40 minutes of waiting, there was really not much of a difference but still she insisted. 

This fact though started a whole wave of comments behind me, as to why do i get to get in front. The clerk tried to explain that mothers with babies have priority since it's difficult for a small baby to wait that long. Still that didn't seem to make that much sense to the other people waiting, one of them even made a joke saying that the next time he'll come to the post office he'll come with his mother so he'll have priority also. He must have been around 45-50 years old.

And now, for today's adventure at the post office...
This time the baby was in a carriage. The last time I got there with the carriage i got stuck in between the doors because the getting in and out of the post office should be an art..
They have doors as the banks do.. you press a button, get through the first door, close the door, press the second button, get through the second door and the same when you get out with a different set of doors. The ones who made these doors, thought really hard how to make things even more complicated then they are so they made both doors to open on the outside leaving about 30 cm between the doors when the second one is opened. 

Having this in mind and the fact that the guy who helped me get unstuck the last time told me that an easier solution would be to push the  button for discapacitated entry and they will open another door, I did just that. Pushed the button..and pushed...and pushed... 
After about 5 times i started wondering that maybe the post office is, for some reason closed, you should never exclude that as a reason even if the schedule says it should be open. So I squash my nose against the window the way small children do then they want to have a peek. 
Surprisingly, there were clerks inside. Ok, clerks that were trying hard to look very busy while ignoring me waving outside but still, that meant it was open.

At the end of my patience, I started knocking and finally someone, with an annoyed face that was saying "You are bothering me!Press the button already" looked at me. As if i was stupid enough to not understand even that, she yelled at me from the other side of the doors "press the button to get in" I showed her the carriage and she got even more pissed "press the damn button"
"Ok", I though to myself, "maybe she knows something i don't"

I pressed the button, got between the doors and surprise.. the space did not dilate from the last time i was there and i got stuck again.. 
One of the clerks came to help, .. figured she cannot so she told me to go back the same door  ahmm.. no.. guess what.. you can only open it from the out side.. 
She had to go out, open the door for us to get outside again and open the another door that led us inside. Not the discapacitated door though since they've placed a nice big flower in front of it and it couldn't be opened. Who needs doors for discapacitated people anyway?

While inside, she took the envelope i wanted to send, I gave her the money and then she walked away from the desk.
I looked at her a bit puzzled and I asked her for the receipt. She looked at me as if I swerved her of her mother. She had to come ALL the way back, push THREE buttons, PRINT the receipt and give it to me. Pfiu!!Hard work...

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