Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Memorable Quotes from Doctors

Eons from now, when my rage, frustration, disappointment, desperation and all that nice set of fulfilling sentiment would have settled a bit I might even consider these funny. Let me know which is your favorite line. Having lived them all, they are all my favorites.

    1.    Make another kid. Who is going to take care of this one when you die?

2.    Aha, so, he has this Syndrome Aaa..lan-Hern..rndon-Dudley, what do you want from me?

3.    Make another kid, I’m sure! I feel it! That it’s going to be healthy.

4.    You are making TWO kinds of physiotherapy? Pff!!You don’t know anything

5.    You are not to open your mouth while in this office!

6.    You should be a Mother, hold your baby in your arms and love him. That is all you need to do, not go around reading on the internet and get ideas.

7.    You are both irresponsible! You should not go around changing doctors! You should stick to YOUR doctor and TRUST him.

8.    Don’t worry, your child is fine! He’s just lazy.

9.    Let’s not make the genetic tests now. Let’s wait maybe he’ll grow out of it.

10.    This is the first case I see of this syndrome and I hope to God I don’t get to see another one in my life.

11.    I had another case of AHDS. He lost contact with the world and died at 9 months old. How old is your son? 

12.    Your baby’s ears are fine, you’re the one who is stressed over nothing and stressing your baby unnecessarily. (12h later we were in the ER, our baby had otitis)

13.    You are not allowed to be in the same room with your child when we are taking blood. You are stressing the nurses.

 This is not a complete list as you might imagine, merely a list I made up off the top of my head.


  1. Dear Jasmin!

    Don't let unethical doctors to irritate you. You will meet a lot of them. But you will also meet some brilliant guys.
    Try to focus on the effectiveness of each doctor.

    My worst advice from doctors is "drink a lot of water, is like a medicine"... Ι have no doubt how good it is, but I wouldn't go to a specialist to learn about this!


    1. Hi Idom,
      It's kinda hard to not get irritated and/or disappointed. Taking into consideration the whole situation with our son, we haven't met even one doctor that wouldn't have his/her own agenda. Yes, you are right, some are brilliant, but the more brilliant,the more ruthless they are because they know you need them. I haven't met a doctor yet that would put Rares first in his/her priorities for the simple fact that he is a human being and he deserves to be treated as such. And we did meet the whole range of doctors. From those who consider it's ok to refuse a patient just because it's a complicated syndrome to those who were more than willing to dissect him like a frog because it's a complicated syndrome.