Tuesday, April 12, 2016

“Your Child Is Too Young to Walk”

Thessaloniki, 12th of April 2016. Today we were called to meet the official committee in order to evaluate Andreas-Rares’ special needs so that we may obtain some form of support from the state to help with his therapies because, at this moment, everything we do for him is exclusively on our money and the money from your donations.

The meeting with the committee lasted less than 5 minutes time in which none of the three members examined Andreas-Rares in any way. They asked if he is walking, the answer was obviously “no”; if he is sitting unassisted and again the answer was “no”. And then, without looking over the pile of documentation and medical papers that we provided and without asking any more details, they reached their their final assessment: 

“Your child is too young to walk. Come back in two years.“

We are definitely going to make an appeal. Unfortunately that is going to take time, time equals expenses so we can just say that we are running out of...time.

Even though I promised I will not allow myself to get dragged into that anger swirl that tormented me for months I think today is that special day for a major relapse!


  1. Just thought I'd say hi as a reader of your blog. I actually started reading recently it out of interest in Greece - hopefully visiting Vlasti next year. No special words other than have enjoyed reading through your postings about the country, and of course want to send best wishes for you child, yourself and your family and in your well-expressed battles with burocracy. I don't think that's restricted to Greece!

    1. Thank you so much Jonathan for your wishes. If I can help you with any information regarding visiting Greece, please let me know. I hope you enjoy Vlasti. It's a very nice place.