Thursday, September 22, 2016

Vaccines - Yet Another Funny Conspiracy Theory

These days, mass media is flooded with news about the measles epidemic in Romania. The ministry of health is pointing fingers to the parents who didn’t vaccinate their children, the parents are fighting back with arguments of misleading information and conspiracy theories, people started getting agitated on the socializing networks, everyone knows best, friends are arguing amongst themselves, I’ve even seen a post something like “If you haven’t vaccinated your child unfriend me now!” Seriously, people, Get a grip!
First off I think it’s a good moment to keep our shirts on and not jump at each others thoughts. (From my experience that never amounts to anything good). And let’s try to see things a bit differently. I acknowledge the fact that there are bits of truths in both sides and I strongly believe that fighting over this is plain stupid.

Let’s start by placing some ground ideas like:
-          “Measles exists.” It is not a made up disease to scare the people who don’t know any better into buying the vaccine.
-          “Measles kill people.” This is also a fact. The disease has the capacity of killing, so it’s serious. 

-          “There is no treatment for measles”. Fact.
If you don’t agree with these ground ideas please stop reading now, there is no reason for you to waste your time any further.
I’m a more pragmatic personality. For the decision of vaccinating or not, it all came down to numbers and probabilities.
 - Yes, vaccines may have devastating side effects.
-  Yes, the life threatening side effects of vaccines should be more medically documented. But if you know where to look, you will find enough information.
- No, no one thinks “Nice vaccine, let’s make it”. Vaccines are, at best, the better of two evils. 

So in the end, all comes down to which evil you consider greater and more probable: the disease or the risk of side effects?
In its essence, not vaccinating is not a bad idea. It’s just very, very wrong placed in time…or maybe, for some interested parties, very well placed in time.

Let’s imagine this scenario:
I’m a pharma company and I’m looking over my portfolio and I see that, damn! Even though vaccines are still bringing a good part of the pie right now, for my future estimations, things are not going well. Why? Simple! Because most of the disease I have vaccines for will be eradicated in 20-30-50 years.!! that is not good. Lost source of income, bad-bad for business, something needs to be done. But what? We can’t just release a virus “accidentally” in the population. In this era of internet, someone will eventually dig deep enough and it will be traced back to us.. that would be even worse for business…No No No.. We need another solution. 

Then, the evil genius of the bunch comes up with a brilliant plan. How about we make people unwillingly work for us? Rule number one of mass manipulation: Always make the target believe it was their idea!
We “accidentally” slip some damaging information about vaccines in general. The idea will catch up and start spreading like wild fire.
1. The whole “back to nature” wave will be an advantage so we’ll certainly have those people on board.
2. Nobody likes pharma companies so even the ones that are not very natural living will still catch on for the simple reason that they don’t like us.

They will start arguing about the safety and necessity of vaccines and all of a sudden we will have a war, people against people. A divided crowd is always easier to conquer. But what they won’t realize in their struggle to find new arguments against each other is that they are both filling up our pockets. 

The ones that are vaccinating their children because they are paying and they ones that aren’t  because they are the ones who reset the clocks. They are the hidden weapon. Without realizing, they create the premises for outbreaks which will reset the clock on eradicating diseases. 

If in 50 years from now we could all have been vaccines free since the diseases would have been eradicated, now, we just reset the clock and we gave the pharma companies another 100 years of making vaccines.

As I said, not vaccinating is a very good idea, in about 100 years, maybe more seeing how things are going.

PS I heard a comment today; I don’t really remember which side she was on. She said that if you vaccinate you won’t catch the disease. Excuse my bluntness but you need to be extremely daft to believe that. The vaccine does not put a note on you indicating to the disease to go around you. Instead what it does is give your body some weapons (antibodies) to fight the disease which IF you are exposed to you will catch anyway.

So, bottom line: vaccines help you NOT DIE, nothing else.

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