Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's literaly all Greek to me

Usually this is "the statement" post, the one post that tells you who I am and what's this blog all about, so let's not break the tradition, we are talking about Greece after all.

I moved in Greece about a year ago, totally unaware of how things work here, how the people are, how different the culture is, in short not knowing what to expect. After one year I still don't know what to expect and I don't think I ever will. The funny thing is that it starts not to bother me anymore. I think I'm slowly getting "greekified".

In some ways Greece is an island. Well, maybe not in the strictly geographical meaning but people here need always to do things their own way which is not necessary  a bad thing unless that involves reinventing the wheel, and keep reinventing it. In short, the way things are done here is least to say unique.

For me as a foreigner, one of the biggest challenges is, of course, the language. There must be a reason for which people all over the world use the expression "It's all Greek to me" when they don't understand something. Maybe it's because Greek language is as easy to learn as predicting the creation of worm holes in the universe and it is also just as random.

There is a movie called "My Big, Fat Greek Wedding". You have probably seen it, it's quite old. To get an idea of how things are in Greece you can imagine that movie with a cast of 11 million people. There are some slight differences of course but most of the things in there are sooooooo true.

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