Wednesday, February 29, 2012

GTS - The Greek Tragedy Syndrome

GTD is a serious condition that affects most people with Greek roots. In the acute phase, the symptoms consist of drama scenes created in public and witnessed by a great, involving audience. In normal stages it implies the dramatization of small, everyday life details that may end up haunting you for the rest of your life by becoming whole theater plays.

Variations of this syndrome can be found in all the countries around Mediterranean Sea. A slightly lighter and more sparkling version of this syndrome can be found in people with Spanish and Italian roots. The GTD’s symptoms that we have noticed in these specific areas imply being more expansive and loud but they lack the depth of the real Greek Tragedy.

When Greeks are being melodramatic you can hear the violins, the sound of all 1000 pieces of their heart getting broken against the cruel destiny’s wave and the earthquake of their forever crushed hopes and dreams, and all that because you didn’t ask them how their day was or you forgot how warm they like their coffee.

The causes of this condition are veiled in mystery to these days. We are not excluding the possibility of a long term water contamination but we consider probable that the causes might have deep roots in both social and familial environment. Overexposure to sun may also be a cause or a symptom amplifier.

GDS is not a contagious affection; it’s more an addictive one but fear not for there is treatment for it. It involves the periodical administration of small doses of reality.

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  1. I beg to differ, there is a treatment: Bayer Aspirin or Moxifloxacin antidepressant. :)