Friday, May 11, 2012

Update on Greek Politics

As you might have already found out, the current structure of the Greek Parliament is the following: 18,8% New Democracy, Siriza - 16,8%, PASOK - 13,2%, Ανεξάρτητοι Ελληνες - 10,6%, ΚΚΕ - 8,5% - the Greek Communist Party, Golden Dawn (Χρυση Αυγη) - 7%, Δημοκρατική Αριστερά - 6,1% - the Democratic Left.

Since Monday, the new elected parties from the parliament have been struggling to create the new government. This is a new and very interesting political exercise for Greece politic class. They actually need to negotiate and create alliances. I really curious to see how that goes.

Until now, the party with the biggest percentage usually had majority in parliament so it could approve the composition of it's own government. Now, since there are seven parties in the parliament nobody has majority so, in order to create the government they would need to make alliances. If that doesn't happen, new elections need to be organized which is not very in tone with the "low budget" elections that EU had in mind for Greece. New elections means new expenses and I have the feeling the people from Brussels won't be happy. On the other hand, New Democracy has already failed in creating an alliance that would support their government proposal in the parliament and so did Siriza. Now It's up to PASOK to make a proposal that would be accepted. 

If that won't happen, Greece is back to the voting booth. 

Talking about the voting booth, for me it's interesting how, in Greece, you may receive by mail your voting bulletin with the "right" choice already made on it. confused? so was I until I saw this:

These are voting bulletins that people received at their homes and they are official. Meaning that people who receive them may use them at the voting. The only difference is that, on that paper someone else chose for you, you're just making him a favor and putting it in the urn while giving up your own right to vote. When I asked if that is legal the answer was: "Well, It's not illegal if that's what you mean". There is no law against it's legal.

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