Thursday, May 3, 2012

Welcome to Greece! Have a Nuts Stay!

As I'm sure you already know, the first of May marks the beginning of the summer tourist season in Greece, so everybody celebrated it in their own way.

Some went to the beach, some went out for beers, some decided is a good time for a another strike since elections are coming next weekend and some others stayed home and made the best of it.
In the pure Greek tradition, we decided to have a grill in our balcony, you know.. nothing fancy ...lots of meat, about half a dozen kinds of salads and  țuica on rocks Ok, that's not exactly Greek but it went very well with the grill.
Going out in our balcony we notice the spectacular overflow of decibels in the..air let's say. Minutes later, we discover the reason. It was a competition of "my traditional Greek music is louder than yours" on the street and the winners were our neighbors across the street, a group o students having the time of their life.Luky us, ha?
I thanked god we have soundproof windows, just in case we want to retire in the house, and I started thinking at the poor old man living on the building right next to theirs having to put up with all this noise... He must be around 70 years old, always smiling and in a good mood. Poor guy...

Minutes later, what we understood from the whole picture was about to change radically because we saw the 70 year old man dancing "pontiaka" very passionately in his balcony and we realized that he was playing the music, so he was our DJ. I must admit I didn't see that coming.
From there the party started getting more interesting because one of the students brought a big drum and started keeping the rhythm with it while others started throwing napkins at at the old guy's dance. Feeling encouraged, the old guy took some plates and started breaking them in the old traditional manner. 

What can I say, it was a grill and a show for this first of May. 

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