Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Greek Traffic Laws Unleashed

Some days ago, there was a news that appeared on the Greek sites about a guy who went to jail 30 days for driving without a license. Until now, nothing out of ordinary. What is truly interesting though is what the guy was driving and the answer is: a bicycle. 

So, yes good people, in Greece you can get a fine (or go to jail)  for driving your bicycle without a permit. You might make the mistake of thinking that since Greece is part of the European Union and in all the other countries of the EU you don't need a permit, you won't need a permit in Greece either. But then again, you forget what I always tell you: Greece is Special!

Initially I thought this is a joke but apparently it's not. There is a law in Greece which says that bicycle drivers need to have a permit and it actually overrules the European law.

My advice to you would be to stay away from Igoumenitsa if you have a bicycle and you want to ride it. I hope that the sudden interest for this law will not spread all over the country and they will manage to contain it or even eradicate it from Igoumenitsa also.

Source: http://www.katoci.com/2012/06/30.html

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