Monday, September 3, 2012

Contest - Choose a T-shirt for "It's all Greek to Me"

I was thinking of making an official t-shirt for the blog and I got so excited about the idea that I made lots of designs. Finally I managed to make a short list of 4 design but I'm gonna need your help to decide. 

To make this more interesting there is also a price. You get to win the t-shirt you chose and liked (even if that t-shirt is not the winner of the contest). 

The whole idea is simple.  
1. Comment at this post  - only comments added at this post will be considered as part of the contest
2. Your comment should contain the following elements:
                      a. your t-shirt preference
                      b. a number between 1 and 1000.

Why a number? Because I only have one t-shirt to give and I will give it to the lucky person who chooses the closest number to the one I've already posted on a different site.
The models are the following: 

1. Logical Schema

2. Maze

3. The Mixed Writing

4. Twisted Roads

The contest will end on the 15th of October 2012. The announcement of the winner will be made at the latest on the 20th of October 2012.

It is advisable to make the comment while logged in your account or to leave some kind of contact info in the comment so I won't find myself in the situation of not being able to trace the winner. If that happens the second runner up will get the t-shirt.


  1. well... the first one and the number is 700

  2. Follow... the mixed writing and the number is 350

  3. I will go for the fourth one and the number is 124

  4. Number 165 and "The Mixed Writing"

  5. I go for the first t-shirt and my number is 99

  6. Number 3, the mixed writing for me.

  7. I like the twisted roads design (no. 4).
    I'm gonna go with 682 and see what that gets me.

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  10. The Mixed Writing and no.31

  11. # 1 (desigur)
    A. (the entire family voted including pitac :)

    (well dome you, they all look cute)

    1. si a fost unanim? woow!pupa-l pe pitac din partea mea si mai trimite si tu ceva poze de familie sa va mai vaza omu la ochi.

  12. Vote goes to #2

    Lucky number is: 546

  13. my vote goes to number 2, Maze. Number 555

  14. A. Definitely number 3 with greeklish! Aμazinγκ!!
    Β. Lucky number:26,

  15. Nice blog and nice t-shirts, but number 1 is my favourite :)

    hellokitty ;)

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