Friday, August 31, 2012

Star Mitsos Cafe

I was looking for this video for a long time on youtube and today I was lucky enough to remember the name of the coffee place. As I found out it's not just one but a whole series of voice registrations made in a coffee place somewhere in the US, owned by a guy called Mitsos.

The whole conversation is hilarious but what even more funny is that the reaction is so typically Greek that I really doubt this is a made up movie. More then that, the Greeklish (Greek and English mixture) he's speaking is exactly how most Greeks speak when they started getting agitated (well, more agitated then they usually are) that usually goes with a lot of gesticulating and rising nerves and voices.

Dictionary you might need:

μετριο - read "metrio"  - means medium sweet coffee
τα παπαρια του Καραμπελλα or τα ααρχιδια του Καπαμπελα- the balls of Karabelas - meaning "you've got squat", " you don't have anything"

σκατα - shit
βεργα - rod
Αντε, τελειωνε! - Cut it out!
γαμοτο - fuck
κωλοπαιδο - Stupid - it literally means "the kid who came from his mom's ass" 
γαμο το κερατο σου - fuck your horn

To enjoy more of this Greek traditional temper you can go on and look for "Star Mitsos".

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