Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yesterday in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is not known for it's summer rains. Why? Because it hardly ever does rain here. 

Yesterday though, something must have went wrong with the Almighty's weather forecast because not only did it rain but it poured.

Knowing the city to be always dry and dusty I must admit this was a welcomed change.

Too bad today is just as warm as before the rain. The only difference is that the humidity is sky high so the air is even less breathable than before..if that's even possible.

The music from the video is a Romanian chant for invoking the rain. It's called "Păpărudă".


  1. So you still got SOME KIND of a present for your Bday, right ? :)
    hope you enjoyed the rain
    we certainly enjoyed your video :)

  2. Yes!!it was "my birthday gift tooo Me":)) ( Like in Emperor's new Groove)
    Glad you liked it!The present you sent me..well.. I'm still chasing it through Greek postal services so I guess it's going to be a double gift: the one you sent me and a subject for a future blog post:)))