Monday, September 10, 2012


On Saturday I went to an open air music festival organized in Thessaloniki. My expectations were not very high since I'm nor very keen on Greek music in general but I thought of giving it a try anyway. 

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by this band (I never heard of before) of particularly nuts people that appeared on stage wearing kilts, being as loud as loud can be but most of all enjoying what they were doing so much that is was contagious. I found later on that they are called Koza Mosta.

Balkan rhythms started filling the thick evening air and along with it rose tones of dust from people of all ages dancing, jumping, singing, some even dancing barefoot. At some point the dust was so thick you couldn't breath but that didn't seem to bother anyone since the music was so intense and the rhythm so electrifying.

I made a few videos, I'll post two from the beginning of the concert and another one close to its end with a pogo "demonstration".
I hope you'll enjoy, I know I did.

For those interested I saw a poster today in the city saying that they'll have another concert in Thessaloniki on the 18th of September. 

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  1. amazing energy on the stage ;) if you have a really welcome company as i have every time, is an amazing choice of express your inner energy. ME TRELA

  2. I got the same experience a few days before, on a festival in France. They really are amazing! I'm even thinking of hitchhiking to Greece just to see them on stage again :)

    1. From what I know, during winter their "residence" is Eight Club in Thessaloniki. Let me know if you decide to come. I have a friend who knows them personalty.

    2. That would be great, to meet another fan and all. I'll definitely tell you when I'm coming. And also, I don't know anything about Greece or anybody there, so I'll be glad to meet young greeks :)

  3. Just one tiny thing : it's Koza with a K ;)
    And thanks for the videos, they are good! Love the pogo, they tried to make us dance in circle here too, but it didn't work that well.

  4. Ooops, my bad! I modified it!Thank you!