Friday, March 23, 2012

Names In Greek

Have you ever wondered how your name will sound or be written in Greek?No? Neither did I until I came here. Ι always thought my name is Veronica but boy was I wrong!
Greece is the only country I know of that literally translates names. If you have a name that can be assimilated easily than you are off easy.. if not.. Well, good luck! Here is for example how Woody Allen is written in Greek - Γουντι Αλεν - which would be read [ghudi][alen] or Angelina Jolie - Αντζελίνα Ζολί - [adzelina][Zoli]

What happens is that "unidentified" names are written phonemically in the limits of the Greek alphabet. So you take a foreign name, you adapt it to Greek  pronunciation and than you re-write it with the letters available in the Greek alphabet.
The same rule applies to company names. Apparently there is a law forcing companies to have their names in Greek and/or with Greek characters. Can you guess what "Ετουαλ" - read [etual] - comes from? I know it took me long enough to figure it out. It comes from the French word "étoile", star.

Here is a perfect example of translation:"Ντενζελ Ουασινγκτον" - read [denzel uasington] - and Ραϊαν Ρεϊνολντς - read [raian reinolds].

You can leave me a comment to this post with your name and I'll try to "translate" it into Greek if you want but don't shoot the messenger.


  1. How will my name translate? My name is Nikos :D

  2. Not fair, yours is the most common (remember the movie? Nikos, Nikos, Nikos, Nikos...and Nikos!)

    1. Yes, Μερ, you're right. So many Νικος in this world:)) what can I say some people need to use their imagination more:P