Monday, March 19, 2012

Problem solving in Greece II

This is more of an update to my last post. Today I stumbled upon a very funny answer to a Greek customer complaint that was addressed to Renault France. So, Problem solving part two:)
 Who can blame the poor Frenchman for not finding "arhidia kivotio" in the data base?:)) "Kivotio" is the gearbox while "arhidia" means testicle. Some of you might know this word from the Big Fat Greek Wedding "Exo tria arxidia" scene. It literally means "I have three testicles"

  "Gamo to aftokinito sas" would be translated as "Screw your bullshit car". Unfortunately English doesn't provide that colorful range of expressions used in this kind of situations. The original swearing is far more expressive.
"Valte to ston kolo sas"- "Shove it up your ass."
"Gamo tin kariola tin reno"- "Screw the damn Renault breaks".

Here you  have a typical Greek problem solving strategy. The result? The problem is still there but at least now the whole world knows about it.:)))

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